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What Are Your Goals?

We Can Help You Get There:

hiit workout kickboxing tulsa impact

Choose your workout!

Impact kickboxing or HIIT fitness class? Choose one or combine both workouts for an hour of pure challenge!

hiit workout kickboxing tulsa

30 minutes is all it takes!

Get twice as lean in half the time. Every 30 minute Impact Strong kickboxing & HIIT fitness class is motivating and self-paced. All fitness levels are welcome.

hiit workout kickboxing tulsa 3

Sweat your way to fit!

Burn up to 450 calories with each 30 minute kickboxing or HIIT workout. Pretty efficient considering you’re having fun and gaining some self-defense knowledge in the process.

Workout Options:

Choose from 30+ class options per week. Fitness kickboxing has played a major role in movements toward healthier living because of its power to produce a high cardio, self-empowering workout. Impact’s 30 minute workout is great for those who need to punch out a little stress on their way to getting fit.

Choose from 25+ class options per week. Shorter, 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts offer serious advantages for those hoping to increase metabolic rate and burn fat due to the increased intake in oxygen. Plus, it’s one of the few exercise formats that studies show actually suppresses the appetite. Expect maximum results at your fullest capacity.

“Great small group classes that really work your total body and help you get your sweat on. Much better than a huge Bootcamp, you get more attention to detail and form. Better than a Mega-gym if you are a busy professional, you are in and out in 30 minutes dripping in sweat everytime . Everyone is nice and personable and knows your name.”

Chris D.

“Christy and Jonny are awesome! I started last week going to kickboxing and HIIT and already feel better and have lost weight and pant sizes. You sweat from start to finish and get a great workout! Thanks guys! Excited to see more progress soon.”

Jenn S.

“Great workout! Super fun!”

Cami R.

“This is a friendly, professional place where you can get an intense workout – without any of the grime or unsavory attitudes I’ve come to expect from typical gyms.

John W.

“Very fun intense workout! I’ve been going for almost a month and I love it. Highly recommend!”

Allison P.

“I am all about the HIIT classes! Staff is awesome and overall it is exactly what I was looking for to push me to my next goals. Clean and great equipment to achieve higher results.”

Jennifer J.
Tulsa kickboxing 30 minute HIIT workouts